22-250 one of the popular caliber in Australia

22-250 one of the popular caliber in Australia

All the professional shooters agree that 22-250 is probably the most popular mid-sized cartridge in existence. lets see what accurateshooter website say about this caliber: First wildcatted in the 1930s off the Savage 25-3000 parent case, the .22-250 is widely used throughout the world, and all the major rifle-makers chamber for this fast, versatile cartridge. Though it was popular for decades among varminters, the .22-250 really took off when Remington standardized the cartridge in 1965. Now, in any large sporting goods store or gun-shop, you’ll find a wide selection of factory ammo with bullet weights from 35 grains up to 75 grains. And the .22-250 is far from “old hat”. Just this year, Hornady introduced .22-250 SuperFormance ammo that achieves hitherto unheard-of velocities with 50gr bullets. Though used primarily for varminting, the .22-250, with the right bullet, can be a capable deer-hunting round, and it has been used successfully in High Power competition.



  • January 23, 2019
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